A Muse and Music Star All in One – The Wall Street Journal

“One of the cases housed a treasure: the “Ex Vatican,” a viola da gamba built by Nicolò Amati in 1620 and later adapted as a cello by Stradivari. For 100 years it was played by papal musicians in the Sistine Chapel. In the 19th century, a French violin maker painted two angels on the front, lending the instrument the look of a beauty queen with biker tattoos on her collarbones. It’s a fitting instrument for Ms. Sutter, who..”

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Philip Glass’ Cello Concerto



San Francisco Classical Voice – “The Best Performances of 2007” 1/8/08

“The main event, however, was the cellist Wendy Sutter’s singing, soaring loveliness in Songs and Poems for Cello, a work of Bachian proportions.”

“I stopped counting (movements) around the second or third piece, carried away in the headlong rush and intensity of the piece, and captivated by Sutter’s fearless playing and rich, mahogany tone…Songs and Poems is deeply Romantic in spirit, and at the same time deeply Baroque, unavoidably bringing to mind the Bach suites for solo cello…This is a major work, and a major addition to the cello repertory.”

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San Francisco Chronicle (Steven Winn) 10/21/07

“A vibrant solo performance by Wendy Sutter…Here Glass’ inventiveness shone…Glass seemed to be channeling Bach’s probing solo cello suites while simultaneously breaking his own fresh ground in this lyrical, tough-minded, sinewy work.”


The New York Times (Anne Midgette) 2/15/07

“Ms. Sutter used this strong instrument in the world premiere of a new piece by Mr. Glass, ‘Songs and Poems for Cello,’ and she tore into the opening, grabbing handfuls of notes, while the cello richly savored the music, now declaiming, now singing…Ms. Sutter played it from memory, with such engagement.”

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The Daily Nexus (Cassie McGrath) 3/6/08

“The great cellist Wendy Sutter emerged to play ‘Songs and Poems for Cello,’ a new solo piece written especially for her and easily stole the show…There is a certain intimacy to the piece that is notably absent from Glass’ other works, perhaps due to Sutter’s sublime, lyrical cello playing. Sutter seemed guided by her instrument, arms dipping and moving assuredly, and the rich tone of her amplified cello was both breathtaking and masterful.”

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The Washington Post (Anne Midgette) 3/9/08

“Sutter’s performance contributes not a little to the intensity; that this piece is deeply personal (she and Glass are a couple) comes through loud and clear in the tanglings of her bow, the throaty richness of her tone.”


The Los Angeles Times (Josef Woodard) 3/3/08

“As masterfully performed by Wendy Sutter, ‘Songs and Poems’ was the centerpiece of the performance…Sutter handily stole this show and played the role of a muse, inspiring new ideas and syntax from the composer.”


Sequenza 21 10/1/07

“This is a thoroughly demanding piece, which Sutter played from memory…Sutter negotiated its myriad technical—long sustained lines, double-stopping, pizzicati, and focus on different registers, usually sequentially—and expressive difficulties with almost superhuman ease.”


Bloomberg.com (Robert Hilferty) 2/29/08

“As the recording reveals, her phrasing and her agility with the music’s counterpoint could make Yo-Yo Ma envious.”

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The Buffalo News (Jeff Simon) 2/25/08

“We seem to be in a brilliant era for charismatic and accomplished young cellists…The most startling one is the solo debut disc of cellist Wendy Sutter in the gorgeous and far-from-familiar solo cello music of Philip Glass…It’s a brilliant disc.”


The San Diego Union-Tribune (Valerie Scher) 11/5/07

“The cello achieved a neo-romantic ardor, as if channeling the spirit of Antonin Dvorak…And she confidently provided whatever the score required, whether in vigorous arpeggios or melodic outpourings.?

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