Ms. Sutter performs on the beautiful “Ex-Vatican Stradivarius”. This cello was built circa 1620 by the great Italian maker Nicolo Amati.

It began it”s life as a viola da gamba. Amati’s prize student, Antonio Stradivari, transformed it into the bigger, more modern sized cello, which then spent a century participating in performances and services in the Sistine Chapel.

In the 19th century the French luthier, Georges Chanot put the finishing touches on the expansion, then covered his work with gorgeous filigree and paintings of two angels with tambourine and harp. On the back of the cello exists paintings of the Vatican flag and Papal hat, protected by two renaissance dolphins.
This instrument came into Ms.Sutter’s hands graciously through the loan from the New York firm of Morel & Gradoux-Matt.